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Make the Most of a Tiny Bedroom

Bigger is not necessarily better. Once we stop thinking about the drawbacks of a small space over a larger one, we make room in our minds to think creatively! Small nooks can really make the cosiest and comfiest of bedrooms.

Whether you want to revamp a spare room that has been left unloved under the burden of clutter for years; or you yourself have a teeny-tiny sleeping spot, we’ve got the tips and tricks to make the very most of a small space (that won’t break the bank either!).



Small rooms never have a lot of floor space, so make the most of your walls.

Get rid of the bedside table and install a few floating shelves instead. We love shelves because they prevent crowding your precious square footage.




Clever design

The less furniture you have in a space the roomier it will feel.

With furniture design becoming increasingly inventive and practical, there’s no need to crowd your room with a bulky wardroom and a clunky chest of drawers. Why not look to a bed frame with drawer storage built in? If you already have a bed, purchase some risers and store your clothing beneath.





Paint and Colour Palette

Paint your walls with lovely light shades that will make the room feel more expansive than it is.

Light shades  reflect light and can make a space feel more serene. Dark colours absorb light and only will make the room feel cramped.

You could also even have an accent wall that is a different  shade to the other walls to give the room an impression of space.

An important tip to remember here is to keep your colour palette simple. Strong colours don’t have much room to clash in a small space, so a limited colour palette will keep your room calm and inviting. 



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The Only Way is Up

Again, we can’t stress the importance of using your wall space enough! If you have high ceilings you can use this vertical space to your advantage.

When decorating always be mindful to attract the eye upwards. This will draw attention to the height of your room.

Install the curtain rail a few inches above your window and invest in some longer curtains (although make sure they don’t touch the floor!).

You could also hang a picture or place some photos nearer to the ceiling. Even drawing inspiration from our point on shelves, you could place some of your favourite trinkets on high-up floating shelves.

Drawing from our last point on colour, painting the ceiling a different shade to your walls will encourage you to look up and give the impression of having a high ceiling even if you don’t, so break out your inner Michaelangelo!


Lighting is Everything


If you have a ceiling light, look for a nice lampshade that’s going to diffuse the light. Harsh, bright light draws attention to the angles and edges of your room. However, softer, more golden light blurs those corners bringing nice little shadows to the room, giving the illusion of – you guessed it – more space.

Invest in a one or two nice lamps instead of just relying on ceiling light to make the room feel very calm and soothing.

Also, fairy lights are not just for Christmas! They can really make a room feel cosy draped around a bed frame or window – this also creates an inviting and interesting focal point.




Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This one is probably the oldest trick in book, but it’s still worth mentioning! Hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to your bedroom window will make your room brighter and give it the impression of space.

However, if your room is full of clutter then it might make you feel like you’ve twice as much mess as you do! Which leads us on to our next tip…




Inhabiting a small space is an opportunity to declutter. A small space will feel even more cramped if it’s full of stuff. Some things like your bed-frame, mattress, curtains, etc. will be non-negotiable. However, things like clothes and shoes that do take up a lot of room – whether hanging up or strewn across the floor and other pieces of furniture – can be pared back.

If you need any decluttering inspiration try the KonMarie method.

We really feel that this is actually one advantage of occupying a small room as it can make you more mindful of what your purchase in the first place!





A lot of people have desks in their rooms – students, we’re looking at you! – but this can be overwhelming in a small space.

Furthermore, blurring the line between a work space and sleep space  can make it hard to “switch off” at night. Making your bedroom just about sleeping will free your room of unnecessary furniture and make it a more restful environment to truly relax in.





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