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In pursuit of the perfect mattress: the Bruno story

Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer met in 2012, while both were working long hours and late nights at a Berlin-based start-up.

Frequent weary conversations over coffee led to the realisation that they were both struggling through stressful days and sleepless nights for the same reason: poor quality mattresses.

Both set out to find the ideal mattress to improve their sleep, but quickly became bogged down in a myriad of confusing decisions about materials, firmness and ‘exclusive special offers’.

Andreas Bauer and Felix Baer, Founders of Bruno

They quickly concluded that the only way to achieve the best night’s sleep was to create the perfect mattress themselves.

Fast forward through endless design iterations, thousands of material tests, consultations with orthopaedic experts and even sleep experts - not to mention hundreds of hours spent sleeping on the mattress at every stage of the process.

Eventually the perfect formula for the Bruno Mattress was achieved – precise ergonomic design combined with premium materials, offering just the right balance of comfort and support, no matter how you sleep.

The development of the Bruno Mattress

Today, over 10,000 mattresses have been delivered to happy customers in Germany, France and the UK.

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