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5 Stars


Soooo Comfortable!

Nessa, West Kilbride

Took away aches and pains that I did not realise where caused by my previous bed.

5 Stars


Like sleeping on warm butter

Mr Bischoff

The additional money to sleep on latex is certainly worth every penny! Zzzzzzzzz

5 Stars


Replacement Mattress

Michael Dahlke, London

Bought the mattress as a replacement for a 10 year old memory foam mattress by Flexyflex from Italy which also came vacuum sealed.
Delivery was fast and I only gave the mattress 3 hours to unroll and expand before using it.
Bruno mattress is firmer and thicker, and I like the idea that I can unzip the top cover for a spring clean, knowing that it would fit in the washing machine.
After several months, still feels like sleeping on a new mattress.
Looking forward it lasting also 10 years.

5 Stars


The Huggy Bear Bruno

Lena Owens, Glasgow

After 14 years faithful service from our Sealy Posturepedic 2000 Pocket Sprung Luxe Mattress, hubby was having problems with his shoulders,so it was time to let go and join the ranks of the demented mattress searchers. In and out shops searching the internet reading reviews pocket sprung, memory foam etc. If truth be told most mattresses will be pretty decent at that price, so why choose the Bruno well, three reasons really. First, they have hundreds of excellent reviews, which is mainly down to good company marketing, as they ask for reviews after a few months. Second I was curious about the technology and whether something that just looks like a big yellow sponge actually works. Third they offer a no questions asked return policy. I do think that other bed manufacturers are missing out by not offering the same service.

So the Bruno arrived on time, we took it upstairs to unroll hubby was more impressed with the wee chocolate bears than the mattress, which he quickly christened the slab, having said that it took me a while to let go of the esthetics of having a mattress that looks luxurious. First night I had aired the bed before making as some people were saying it had a slight odour, I don't have a good sense of smell but chocolate man has the nose of a beagle. However, nothing was said morning arrived and we both felt we had a good night's sleep, but, it was as the week went on when I lay on my back I could actually feel the mattress hugging the contours of my back and legs right down to my ankles and at the same time giving good support and most importantly hubby's shoulders were fine. Therefore, after 3 months of using I can say without doubt that I absolutely love The Bruno.

3,5 Stars


Great mattress, delivery needs work

Bruno Antunes, London

The mattress is great - if you value your sleep, get one - totally.

As for the delivery, it was poor service :( We got a date, then the date passed, then we rescheduled because we couldn't be home at that day, but the mattress came anyway. Finally we got it and the delivery man came alone and with a serious case of "not really up to it"-itis.

Please invest as much in your shipping as you do on your mattress, and you'll do great as a company!

5 Stars


Love this mattress, great value for money


I found this brand through Which, it looked to be great value for money and had great reviews. Loved the quick delivery, so convenient wrapped up in the box and easy to move upstairs. The mattress itself is so comfortable, I will def be buying another one for my spare room when it is decorated!

5 Stars


No back pain.

Tony Dockerty

Love the mattress, can wake up and get out of bed without worrying about my back going. Thanks.

3 Stars


Happy, but not too much.

Radoslaw, London

The mattress is really nice overall, but we actually had a few not so well slept nights. Though we're getting used to it, so it's maybe a question of patience with him.

5 Stars



Tim Walker-Sharp

Very comfortable mattress which I would happily recommend.

5 Stars


great mattress

Eileen Brencher

Both my husband and I find this mattress very comfortable. I would definitely buy another Bruno mattress.

5 Stars


Very comfortable

Sue Litchfield

I found it comfortable right from the start, my husband took a couple of days to get used to it

5 Stars


Definite improvement

Dave, Coventry

Was initially sceptical about foam mattresses but was assured by a young friend that it was the future, and I should check them out.

So decided to take the plunge and did significant research on line and tried some in-store as well as abroad in hotels.

My main concern was sufficient firmness and support, as I prefer a very firm mattress.
My other concern was the possibility of being too warm.

Both aspects are fine - the mattress is firmer than expected with plenty of support for my 1.88 m and 98 kg frame.
There is no sag and the feeling is of being gently supported on rather than sinking into the mattress.
The mattress is warm, but nowhere near as warm as the mattress topper I was using. Had to swap to the thinner quilt a little earlier than expected, but no complaint.

The mattress delivery was delayed by a day by some error and was resolved quickly with a next day Saturday delivery.
The mattress unrolled itself once cut free and quickly expanded to full size.
There was no noticeable smell from the foam or glue - thankfully.

Slept on the mattress same night and enjoyed a good night's sleep - not quite the miracle others have claimed, but very good.
Also found myself wanting to go to bed earlier as a result.

Takes a little getting used to but definitely a better supportive night using this mattress.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or to buy again - no regrets in my choice.

Chocolates made the effort of carrying it upstairs Bearable.

Get one - you'll be glad you did.

5 Stars


Delighted with the mattress

Shirley Barnes, West Yorkshire

We've had our new mattress for a week & it's just Devine, I thought it might take us a while to get used to but no we sleep wonderfully well from the first night. Ordering was easy & delivery was very quick . I would definitely recomend this mattress & company

5 Stars


No more back ache

Helen Humphrys, CAMBRIDGE UK

Easy to order, easy to take delivery, easy to set up and a wonderful sleep and, best of all, no more back aches!

5 Stars


Back pain relieved!

Lisa Rogers

After a lot of research and mattress trials, I found the Bruno to be the firmest foam mattress available in this price range. I could not be happier with the product - we have been using it for three months, and my back pain is now non-existent.
Despite its firmness, it is extremely comfortable and provides the right amount of support, no matter the weight of the user - my partner is over 100kg and I am almost half his weight, yet there is no sinking on his side.
It has a firm Boundry, making sitting at the edge of the bed comfortable. Also, it can be rolled up for transport.
I could not recommend this highly enough!

4 Stars


king size version

Andrew McCulloch

Bit too hard to be perfect.

4 Stars


Not for me but service fantastic.

Elizabeth, wales

Unfortunately this mattress was not for me and in the end decided latex isn't for me.

The service and returns was brilliant. No fuss and easy to arrange day with courier.

Recommend you try if you like latex.

5 Stars


Forgot just how good sleep should be!

Maria, Uk

Excellent product. We changed from an expensive Dunlopillo matress which we thought was the best - untill we ordered Bruno. I like to sleep on my side but have been suffering with some hip pain after a short while on the dunlopillo - not with the Bruno matress. We've always preferred a firm matress. Bruno offers firmness and support along with cushioning for joints. We are very satisfied with the product, the price and most excellent customer service. Thank you.

5 Stars


No more back pain!

Amanda Wallace

After both myself and my partner getting completely fed up with constant back pain we decided to give the Bruno mattress a go. It took a few nights to get used to it, but once we did we have never looked back. I can honestly say that we no longer suffer from back pain - who would have thought a mattress could make such a difference!

5 Stars


Highly Recommended

Wilhelmina Bailey-Janmaat

First of all the best mattress I have ever had. Cooler than memory foam firm but very comfortable especially if suffering from bad back and aching legs. Also excellent customer service just a phone call in this country and quickly answered. Love going to bed with my Bruno!

5 Stars


Can't fault it.

Stephen Ryman

From the moment it arrived, folded up in a box (very useful as we had to store it for a few days), this is an excellent mattress. Very comfortable. One of the best things is how one person can turn over with little disturbance to the other - much better than sprung mattresses in my experience. Worth the money.

5 Stars


Bruno king size mattress

Strevan Ranson

Firstly, best mattress we have ever had by miles, and I really mean that, firm but supportive is how i would describe
Secondly, I love how it was packaged for transport allowed us to get it into the room easy, unlike previous mattress
Try it you won't be disappointed

5 Stars


Speaks for itself!!

Caroline Ibbotson

Bought for my daughter who was complaining of backache each morning. No complaints now!!! Easy, quick ordering. Prompt delivery.

5 Stars


Great Mattress

Ken, Northern Ireland

From start to finish my experience with Bruno sleep was excellent. I have had the 2 mattresses I ordered for three months now and am very impressed with both the manufacturing quality of the product and the comfort it provides. My wife has suffered with a bad back for some time now and since using the Bruno mattress her back pain has significantly improved. The mattress provides firm and comfortable support and we would both highly recommend it. The best mattress we have ever had.

5 Stars


It's a real treat!

Alison, North Lincolnshire

I will be honest I bought the Bruno mattress because it had a 101 night return guarantee. I have had bad experience with foam mattresses in the past so wasn't confident.
But I am pleased to say I am very happy with our Bruno and so is my husband. Very comfortable and ensures a good night or days sleep (I'm a shift worker). One major plus it doesn't move much when your bed partner moves. Would highly recommend the Bruno.