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These 6 Plants Improve Your Sleep

We’re all about giving you a better night’s sleep. And you may be surprised to learn that adding a couple of air-purifying plants to your bedroom can have a big impact.

Don’t just take our word for it, NASA was on to this way back in the ’80s when they released a study showing that certain plants can purify the air in our homes,  while others’ scents are known for their relaxing capabilities.

Here are a few of the best indoor plants to keep in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Aloe Vera

NASA rated Aloe Vera as one of the best plants for air-purification. Funky, fresh, and low maintenance, aloe is perfect if your green fingers are a little hit and miss. Because it releases oxygen during the night, we recommend keeping this spiky green goodness by your bed.

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It looks beautiful and smells divine, but that’s not the only reason why you should keep this delicate flower in your bedroom. Studies show that jasmine’s scent works to relieve anxiety and promote sleep, making it a top choice as a natural alternative to sleeping pills.

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Snake Plant

A.k.a ‘Mother-In-Law’s Tongue‘ – but don’t be put off by it’s names! This exotic succulent earns a place on our best indoor plants list due to its ease of care and low-light durability. It’s one of the few plants that can take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen at night, purifying the air and helping you get a restful slumber.

English Ivy Plant

This home-grown beauty is a natural remedy for asthma and allergy symptoms. English ivy is highly effective at clearing the air of harmful toxins, so those suffering from breathing difficulties will benefit from a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

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Scented fresh lavender can add an eye-catching pop of purple to your bedroom. The fragrance is also commonly associated with creating a calming effect. Those who struggle with stress or anxiety may also find that placing drops of lavender oil on their pillow is an effective aid to sleep.

Peace Lily

This elegant plant survives surprisingly well indoors, and even tolerates a little neglect. Peace lilies clear an impressive list of household toxins from the air, and can help to soothe dry, irritated throats and noses which may keep you awake at night.

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