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Gwyneth says Relax!

You probably thought that you were pretty good at sleeping – after all, you’ve already been doing it for about a third of your life so far – but a recent trend sweeping the nation has us questioning if we are Clean Sleeping.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest celebrity to highlight this new health trend as she talks about her new book Clean Beauty:

“Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority – even before you think about diet”

So, how exactly does one begin to start Clean Sleeping? We asked around on the internet, and it seems that the main components of Clean Sleeping are sleep quantity and quality.

Clean sleeping is the trend of 2017

How much sleep is enough?

Leading nutritional scientist and Gwyneth’s hormone adviser Dr Laura Lefkowitz says that 9 hours is the magic number for shut-eye, in order to stay slim, trim, have shiny hair, and glowing skin! Sounds too good to be true, right!?

She explains that sleep plays a crucial role in balancing hormone levels, which keep us looking and feeling young. Sleep is the time your body detoxifies and heals itself.

“When your sleep is poor in quality and quantity, your hormone output is inevitably affected.”

So, more sleep can slow the aging process and help us maintain a healthy weight…

This Clean Sleeping trend seems elegant in it’s simplicity!

Improve your sleep quality by clean sleeping

How do I improve my sleep quality?

Obviously you already find the idea of more time in bed attractive. But what about sleep quality?

Gwyneth suggests improving sleep quality with copper pillows, regulating body temperature during sleep (heated socks), stress management through yoga or meditation, and 12-hour fasting around sleep hours!

You’re feeling a little daunted? That’s OK. Let’s break it down into three aspects of a Clean Sleeping routine that you can control (i.e. non-lux sleep basics!):

Your food and drink consumption

You already read our previous blog post on improving your sleep with food and drink, so you know the do’s and don’ts.

Gwyneth suggests a bedtime snack ban: Keeping a regular 12-hour fasting window, so if you finish your dinner at 8pm, don’t eat breakfast until 8am the next morning.

Your stress reduction activities 

This includes exercise throughout the day, yoga, meditation, and reading before bed.

Gwyneth is a fan of ‘psychic sleep’ – a form of meditation that is believed to give you the benefits of sleep while you’re awake.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re beginning an exercise increase for Clean Sleeping – ironically, sleep deprivation makes us all less inclined to be active. Remember, it’s not a quick fix but a healthy lifestyle change.

Your optimal sleep environment

You want your body temperature to be at that sweet spot that allows you to sleep comfortably: not too warm and not too cool. When we sleep, our core temperature drops (which helps to regulate our circadian rhythms), and is usually why we reach for those extra blankets during the night.

Gwyneth gives us the hot tip of wearing heated socks to bed to regulate the temperature of your feet. This can help you avoid middle-of-the-night arousal or early morning waking.

So are you ‘Clean Sleeping’ Gwyneth style, or do you have your own tips? We want to know how you do it / or how you are going with this change. Let us know below!


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