The Bruno Mattress is not just unique, it’s a first-class, high-quality product assembled from the finest materials. Each part of the Bruno Mattress is purposefully engineered and extensively tested, offering you the ultimate sleeping experience.

Bruno mattress


Our 7-Zone support base is the foundation of the Bruno Mattress. Its ergonomic design has been combined with a German-manufactured high-density foam to support you right where you need it. The polyurethane foam has a density of 105lb/40inches (48 kg / m³), which gives the Bruno Mattress its long lasting durability, even after years of use. Our polyurethane foam is free from added chemicals which make it more environmentally friendly than memory foams which have added emulsifiers to slow foam movement.

While supporting your spine, our 7-zone ergonomic design relieves pressure points in your shoulders and hips and allows you to sleep comfortably in any position. To get the most out of your Bruno Mattress, we recommend it be used by people between 50 and 110 kilograms. At these body weights, you’ll feel like you are sleeping in the clouds.

high-density foam

Bruno Latex


We are proud of our 3cm latex top layer which has perforated cells that allow air to easily flow, providing optimal temperature regulation. You will sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, latex provides freshness year after year and is a great sleeping surface for those prone to allergies.

The natural latex is adaptable yet resilient, giving it a long life of soft and optimal support. Even weight distribution minimizes motion disturbances so you can sleep more soundly.


We source our natural latex from sustainable Hevea rubber tree plantations in Asia. Organically harvested, the Havea latex reaches our production facility in Germany in accordance with fair trade rules and standards.

Additionally, our latex top layer is certified by independent institutes including:

  • Euro Latex ECO standard
  • GOLS - Global Organic Latex Standard
  • LGA (Sustainable Quality Assurance)
Latex Tree

Fabric Bruno


Our mattresses are hand processed, from the start, the sewing of the removable cover, to finish, the boxing and packaging of each Bruno Mattress. After a lengthy selection process, we chose a family owned and operated fabric manufacture located in Saxony where only the best materials are used to create a sophisticated design.

Our diligence in using real human labour and hand processing has earned us the Deutsches Manufakturen-Siegel (German Manufacturing Certification), which has stringent rules that include that at least 50% of the production process be done by hand in Germany.

The Bruno Mattress

We've combined high quality support foam and natural latex to create an ideal mattress for a perfect night's sleep.

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