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5 Stars


Great mattress !


It's the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on !

5 Stars


Great service

David , Falmouth

Great service & delivery

5 Stars


Super comfortable

Lynne Hague

I'm so pleased with my mattress and the good nights sleep that I'm now getting that I will be ordering another one for my guest bed!

4,0 Stars


Great mattress rubbish delivery

Milena Mazhkarova, London

The mattress itself is great and I would have given it 5* if it wasn't for the absolute nightmare I had with the delivery. They use the worse couriers you would ever come across it was so stressful I don't even want to talk about it.

4,5 Stars


Good mattress

AT, London

Good mattress, firm but comfortable. Main advantage over memory foam similarly-priced rivals we have returned is it seems to be cooler to sleep on, presumably because of the latex layer.

5 Stars


"Back" to a good nights sleep.

Paul King, Lincolnshire.

I have suffered with a bad back on and off for many years and a couple of years ago bought a firm mattress believing this would help my back. Eventually we decided to look for another new mattress as my back was becoming worse not better. I was unsure about buying a mattress on the net but trying a mattress for 5 or 10 minutes in a store did not work for us previously so with a 100 day return policy thought we would try it. We looked at other makes but decided the Bruno mattress was the one that made more reference to back care claiming not to be too hard or too soft. We have had the mattress a few weeks now and both of us are enjoying a better nights sleep and I have not suffered the same back pain as previously. On this showing we will definitely be keeping the mattress and would recommend it to anyone considering buying it.

5 Stars


Very pleased with my new mattress

Lynne Hague

It took a couple of nights to adjust to my new mattress but I do love it. I'm enjoying a good restful nights sleep every night.

5 Stars


Excellent mattress

Emilie Herrald, Fife, Scotland

I paid £10 extra for delivery on a specific morning, but unfortunately due to problems with the delivery company, it was two days late. (Not Bruno's fault though).
We have been sleeping on the mattress for 6 weeks now.
The mattress itself is amazingly comfortable! The very top layer is less firm than we anticipated, but very supportive. The first night it took a little getting used to the feel, but by the second night the wonderful comfort and support became obvious! It improved my chronic back tension within a few nights sleep. Both of us find it very comfortable, even though we have different body sizes and prefer different degrees of firmness.
Due to having the most comfortable mattress yet, it quickly became apparent that our pillows were rubbish, and we invested in new talalay latex pillows too, and now all is perfect!
Overall I'm really happy with the Bruno mattress so far! Thank you to the Bruno team :)

5 Stars


Just what I wanted

Don MacDonald

This replaced a rather soft sprung mattress. I was a bit concerned that a foam mattress would be too soft but the Bruno Mattress is just right for me, firm, but not hard.

5 Stars


Second Bruno mattress purchased for our family

David Whitney

1st mattress purchased for son, 2nd for Mum. Excellent mattresses, both report having better night's sleep, very comfortable. Would recommend. Nicely packaged and quick delivery.

5 Stars


So comfy!

Josie Peach, England

Really lovely mattress. I don't have much to compare it to, as old mattress was in a terrible state, but it's definitely a lovely place to go at the end of each day! I think it may be a bit more expensive than others around, but the customer service is fantastic and there were absolutely no chemical smells or time to wait for the mattress to 'de-compress'. Super quick delivery too. We love our Bruno! (and daughter had great fun with the box too!)


Dear Josie,

thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Best wishes,
Your Bruno Sleep Team

5 Stars


Love my Bruno mattress

Rachael Hill

I am delighted with my mattress and happy with the design
and always recommend you Rachel

4,5 Stars


Heavenly !

Ellen Scott

We are very satisfied with the Box Spring bed. It’s great value for money as we enjoy heavenly sleep night after night. Setting it all up was so easy. We also highly recommend the topper – it just adds an extra layer of comfort. We’re definitely going miss our Bruno bed on our upcoming holiday!

5 Stars



Oliver Hall

Everything was so easy – from ordering right up to delivery. It was easy to set up too. The comfort the bed offers justifies the price. We sleep so well now – I’d recommend the bed to anyone.

5 Stars


Such a comfortable bed!

Patricia Woods

We’ve had a few beds – divans, slatted bases - over the years, but this has to be the most comfortable. We’ve had the Bruno mattress for over a year now and we thought we’d give the boxspring bed a try – we’re not sending it back! The delivery
was stress-free and assembling the bed was simple. No more aches and pains in the

5 Stars



John Morgan

A very comfortable, nice-looking bed; we’re very happy with it.

4 Stars


Lovely bed

Kate Robinson

We’re delighted with our new Bruno bed – we’ve had it for only three months now but
can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. It was a little more than what we paid for our last bed, but the price is totally worth it because it’ so comfortable and, after all, you do spend at least 8 hours in bed every night!

5 Stars



Charlotte Wallace

I have to say we were a bit anxious about ordering something so important as a bed
off the internet – especially because there was always the risk that it wouldn’t suit us. But the (very polite and friendly!) Bruno team reassured us that if we didn’t like it we could send it back free of charge. I’m delighted we took the plunge now because we really love the bed. It’s beautiful and we sleep really well on it. Keep up the good work!

5 Stars


Comfort and style

Sheila Wright

The Bruno bed really lives up to all of our expectations. Very comfortable and it looks really nice with the rest our furniture (style is important too!). The only downside is that we really hate our alarm clock now!

5 Stars


Better than a hotel!

Richard Jones

I had tried out a few bed bases in various stores, but found that all of the most comfortable ones were out of my price range. After a lot of comparing and contrasting (in terms of price, materials and the convenience of buying the bed, etc.), I decided to go for the box spring bed and I also treated myself to the topper. The beds looks very “designer” and is so comfortable. I also noticed that myself and my partner don’t bother each other as much at night when we move in our sleep (just comparing from our previous beds). To sum it all up, my partner and I sleep the whole night through and wake up feeling
refreshed. If you are looking for a high quality bed but don’t want to pay an
extortionate price, I really recommend the box spring bed. It’s better than any hotel bed I’ve ever slept in!

4,5 Stars


Took time to get used to it, but glad we made the purchase

james Holley, Reading

One we first got the mattress and laid on it, I thought perfect, as it feels firm, but gives a nice level of support.

However, it has taken around 6-7 weeks for us to adjust to it from a more traditional sprung mattress.

I had shoulder issues, as I sleep on my right side, and suffered discomfort for around two weeks which was dissappointing. I had to make a trip to the physio to get straightened out, and start to learn to lay on my left side instead.

What I can confirm is that the mattress is comfortable, as previously I used to wake in the middle of the night, and have to go to the loo. This is now very rare, and I either sleep straight through, or even if i do wake, the need to take a loo trip is not triggered.

The mattress looks good quality, and hopefully it will last as longer as they state.

I would recommend a Bruno mattress, even though it has taken some getting used too.

I give 4.5 stars, as we did have an issue at the start and a lot of sleepless nights initially.

5 Stars


Fabulous service - can't fault it.

L Wilson, Harrogate

We have been so impressed with the Bruno Customer Service and the product. We trialled the mattress for 2 months after swift and seamless ordering and delivery. Communication was excellent. Unfortunately we decided that the mattress was a little to hard for us both - though most definitely better than our old one. Bruno's 100 day trial process worked a treat though. I emailed, received a call from the delivery /pick up company, received the packaging for the mattress and had it collected within a matter of a couple of days. Receipt and refund was also very swift. Bruno staff have been responsive and helpful throughout. This is a great product with great service. Believe the hype!

5 Stars


Love it

Rachel Fitzgerald

Was a bit apprehensive that it could take a while to get used to it but no such thing. It was perfect from the very start. It is firm but not that bouncy firm that feels like the bed wants to eject you. It’s cushiony and supportive...oh I love Bruno, can you tell?

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