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5 Stars


Better than a hotel!

Richard Jones

I had tried out a few bed bases in various stores, but found that all of the most comfortable ones were out of my price range. After a lot of comparing and contrasting (in terms of price, materials and the convenience of buying the bed, etc.), I decided to go for the box spring bed and I also treated myself to the topper. The beds looks very “designer” and is so comfortable. I also noticed that myself and my partner don’t bother each other as much at night when we move in our sleep (just comparing from our previous beds). To sum it all up, my partner and I sleep the whole night through and wake up feeling
refreshed. If you are looking for a high quality bed but don’t want to pay an
extortionate price, I really recommend the box spring bed. It’s better than any hotel bed I’ve ever slept in!

5 Stars



John Morgan

A very comfortable, nice-looking bed; we’re very happy with it.

5 Stars


Such a comfortable bed!

Patricia Woods

We’ve had a few beds – divans, slatted bases - over the years, but this has to be the most comfortable. We’ve had the Bruno mattress for over a year now and we thought we’d give the boxspring bed a try – we’re not sending it back! The delivery
was stress-free and assembling the bed was simple. No more aches and pains in the

4 Stars


Lovely bed

Kate Robinson

We’re delighted with our new Bruno bed – we’ve had it for only three months now but
can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. It was a little more than what we paid for our last bed, but the price is totally worth it because it’ so comfortable and, after all, you do spend at least 8 hours in bed every night!

5 Stars


Comfort and style

Sheila Wright

The Bruno bed really lives up to all of our expectations. Very comfortable and it looks really nice with the rest our furniture (style is important too!). The only downside is that we really hate our alarm clock now!

5 Stars



Charlotte Wallace

I have to say we were a bit anxious about ordering something so important as a bed
off the internet – especially because there was always the risk that it wouldn’t suit us. But the (very polite and friendly!) Bruno team reassured us that if we didn’t like it we could send it back free of charge. I’m delighted we took the plunge now because we really love the bed. It’s beautiful and we sleep really well on it. Keep up the good work!

4,5 Stars


Heavenly !

Ellen Scott

We are very satisfied with the Box Spring bed. It’s great value for money as we enjoy heavenly sleep night after night. Setting it all up was so easy. We also highly recommend the topper – it just adds an extra layer of comfort. We’re definitely going miss our Bruno bed on our upcoming holiday!

5 Stars



Oliver Hall

Everything was so easy – from ordering right up to delivery. It was easy to set up too. The comfort the bed offers justifies the price. We sleep so well now – I’d recommend the bed to anyone.

4,5 Stars


Took time to get used to it, but glad we made the purchase

james Holley, Reading

One we first got the mattress and laid on it, I thought perfect, as it feels firm, but gives a nice level of support.

However, it has taken around 6-7 weeks for us to adjust to it from a more traditional sprung mattress.

I had shoulder issues, as I sleep on my right side, and suffered discomfort for around two weeks which was dissappointing. I had to make a trip to the physio to get straightened out, and start to learn to lay on my left side instead.

What I can confirm is that the mattress is comfortable, as previously I used to wake in the middle of the night, and have to go to the loo. This is now very rare, and I either sleep straight through, or even if i do wake, the need to take a loo trip is not triggered.

The mattress looks good quality, and hopefully it will last as longer as they state.

I would recommend a Bruno mattress, even though it has taken some getting used too.

I give 4.5 stars, as we did have an issue at the start and a lot of sleepless nights initially.

5 Stars


Fabulous service - can't fault it.

L Wilson, Harrogate

We have been so impressed with the Bruno Customer Service and the product. We trialled the mattress for 2 months after swift and seamless ordering and delivery. Communication was excellent. Unfortunately we decided that the mattress was a little to hard for us both - though most definitely better than our old one. Bruno's 100 day trial process worked a treat though. I emailed, received a call from the delivery /pick up company, received the packaging for the mattress and had it collected within a matter of a couple of days. Receipt and refund was also very swift. Bruno staff have been responsive and helpful throughout. This is a great product with great service. Believe the hype!

5 Stars


Love it

Rachel Fitzgerald

Was a bit apprehensive that it could take a while to get used to it but no such thing. It was perfect from the very start. It is firm but not that bouncy firm that feels like the bed wants to eject you. It’s cushiony and supportive...oh I love Bruno, can you tell?

5 Stars


The Way to go for mattress design

Malcolm Stanley

Our first non sprung mattress and chosen because there is no memory foam which in the past we have not liked. Ordering very straightforward and fast delivery. Although fairly heavy it was easy to move upstairs as it comes rolled up in a box. The mattress is very comfortable being both soft (enough) and supportive at the same time. Marginally more supportive if you sleep on your back rather than your side but very good either way. We have used it now for approximately 3 months and have turned it for the first time. You will not be disappointed with this mattress and considering its quality it is very competitively priced.

5 Stars


Very Happy Customer

Mrs Mitchell, N.Yorkshire

So pleased we ordered our Double Bruno mattress. Ordering was easy, delivery was excellent and the product is great.
Very comfortable. At first we seemed to get too warm but obviously we have become used to it and it is not a problem. At times I feel there is a slight roll towards the middle ( my husband is a little heavier than me) but this is very minor and not really a problem.
I find rotating the mattress fairly easy but handles on the sides would be a great help.
It is good that there is never a need to flip the mattress.
The 100 day trial was a major factor in choosing this.
I would certainly recommend this mattress.

5 Stars


Love it

Robyn Blair

Wish I was sleeping right now, it actually sorted out my back problems!

5 Stars



Ursula Rainbow

great sleep

5 Stars


bruno matress

Dorothy Smith

this mattress is great i wish we had found them years ago it would have saved us many uncomfortable nights and lots of money trying to find the right one. thank you bruno

5 Stars


big comfortable bed

Catrin Rhys, Morfa Bychan, Porthmadog

very comfortable great night sleep. Super king is enormous.

5 Stars


Excellent mattress

Ramon Newton

Sleeping has just got better

5 Stars


Love it

Linden, Glasgow, Scotland

We LOVED our new mattress from night 1. As many folk say, it's a strange combination of firm, supportive and soft all at the same time. Very comfortable, and makes it very difficult to actually get up in the mornings. We had kept the old mattress in the back room in case we had to send the Bruno back, (the trial period is a great idea) but within a few days we got rid of it and committed wholeheartedly to our new fabulous mattress. Very glad to give this unsolicited testimonial. Thanks.

5 Stars


Great Mattress

Dorothea Tilroe, London

I really like this mattress, nice and firm and good support.

5 Stars


Excellent Mattress

Malachy Mcnamara

Every guest we have comments on the superb mattress......very much enjoyed by all the family as well. excellent delivery as well.

5 Stars


Excellent mattress

Laurence Stlouis

Very pleased with our new mattress Had best sleep for years since we started using it We miss it when we go away now

5 Stars


The Best

Peter Richardson

At last, after years of searching, we have found the ultimate mattress. Since buying our Bruno we have travelled extensively and thus had the opportunity to make very direct comparisons on numerous occasions and can unequivocally say that so far nothing can compare with the overall support achieved with the Bruno mattress. The Best by far.

5 Stars


Brilliant Mattress

Wayne Fielding

The title says it all, it's the best and most comfiest mattress and in the future if I need another one, this will be it. It's a good thing the top cover unzips so that you can wash it because I spilt bolognaise sauce on it and thought it would never come out, but it did easily and still looks like new. The mattress is well made, with a good weight to it, it is firm but at the same time soft, which is the only way I can describe it. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars


Best Ever Mattress

Ian Fielding, North Wales

When I was looking for a mattress for my both my husband and I, I wanted one that didn't contain too many chemicals, as these are very bad for your health. I searched for months before finally deciding to purchase the wonderful bruno mattress. My husband was very sceptical about this mattress at first, but when it arrived and saw how heavy it was, (he thought it was going to be some flimsy foam mattress with no real structure to it) and more importantly how well made it is, there were no more doubts. The mattress is firm but strangely at the same time soft. We both agree that we have never slept so well, aching backs and shoulders are no longer a problem for either of us, infact it is quite hard to get out of bed in the morning, it's just to comfy and cosy. I got my grown up sons to order one each as well and they both love it as well. One of them is vegan and it was important to him that any mattress he had contained no animal products or no animals were harmed in the process of making it, so the fact it ticked all his boxes was enough for him but the greatest bonus for him was that it was the comfiest night sleep he has had. There is no chemical smell with this mattress, which I have had with other beds and furniture and when you unwrap it, it's good to go within a couple of hours. As you can tell I love my new mattress, been sleeping on it a good couple of months now and still consider it one of the best buys we have ever made. My husband has said, he has to admit that I got it right this time and if we ever need a new mattress in the future it will be 100% this one for all the family. Thank you bruno also for your wonderful customer service and delivery.