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5 Stars


Brilliant Mattress

Wayne Fielding

The title says it all, it's the best and most comfiest mattress and in the future if I need another one, this will be it. It's a good thing the top cover unzips so that you can wash it because I spilt bolognaise sauce on it and thought it would never come out, but it did easily and still looks like new. The mattress is well made, with a good weight to it, it is firm but at the same time soft, which is the only way I can describe it. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars


Best Ever Mattress

Ian Fielding, North Wales

When I was looking for a mattress for my both my husband and I, I wanted one that didn't contain too many chemicals, as these are very bad for your health. I searched for months before finally deciding to purchase the wonderful bruno mattress. My husband was very sceptical about this mattress at first, but when it arrived and saw how heavy it was, (he thought it was going to be some flimsy foam mattress with no real structure to it) and more importantly how well made it is, there were no more doubts. The mattress is firm but strangely at the same time soft. We both agree that we have never slept so well, aching backs and shoulders are no longer a problem for either of us, infact it is quite hard to get out of bed in the morning, it's just to comfy and cosy. I got my grown up sons to order one each as well and they both love it as well. One of them is vegan and it was important to him that any mattress he had contained no animal products or no animals were harmed in the process of making it, so the fact it ticked all his boxes was enough for him but the greatest bonus for him was that it was the comfiest night sleep he has had. There is no chemical smell with this mattress, which I have had with other beds and furniture and when you unwrap it, it's good to go within a couple of hours. As you can tell I love my new mattress, been sleeping on it a good couple of months now and still consider it one of the best buys we have ever made. My husband has said, he has to admit that I got it right this time and if we ever need a new mattress in the future it will be 100% this one for all the family. Thank you bruno also for your wonderful customer service and delivery.

5 Stars


Very comfortable

Margaret Boggs, Hull

Had this for almost three months. It's very comfortable although at first found it a little warm. I suffer with Spodolethesis and with my last matress found when gatting up in the morning I had to sit for up to half hour but with the Bruno no such problem's I don't have much pain in the mornings now.I can highly recommend this matress.

5 Stars


Excellent quality - Great nights sleep

Giampaolo Gusinu

The mattress is extremely comfortable and I can honestly say I get a great nights sleep. Thank you and I sincerely hope you keep up the great work.

5 Stars


I'm in love!......

Shelagh Mccudden

.......with my Bruno mattress.

4,5 Stars


Great mattress

Mike Haworth

The best mattress we have ever bought

5 Stars


Totally brilliant!

Alice Walker

Such a great matresss! My back was getting really sore and Bruno has solved that! Brilliant service. Great product.

5 Stars


Rest at last.

Graham Dunnings

We love our new Bruno mattress. We have suffered for years, sweating, not being able to move position. And lots of other discomforts. Now we sleep peacefully and wake refreshed. Thank you so much for our wonderful mattress. We love it.

5 Stars



Lindsay Leyshon

May sound like a strange tittle to a review but relax is what I get when sleeping on this mattress, I looked at may different makes and types of mattresses and it all became a little confusing and think it was more luck than anything else that made me pick Bruno.
Great mattress ,great coms, great service.

5 Stars


Excellent Mattress

Jill Nelson

Delighted with my mattress. No more sore backs!

5 Stars


Great mattress

Annie Taylor

I strongly recommend the Bruno mattress. It is the perfect level of firmness and the delivery was also great.

5 Stars


Best Ever Mattress

Paul Ellerton

After 3 years of back ache on one mattress and a further 18 months of problems on a new replacement, we finally decided to try a Bruno Mattress. We were reassured by the reviews, the Bruno guarantee and desperate for some quality sleep. We tried it, liked it straight away now, six months on, we love it! No more back ache and we both now sleep well. The Bruno Mattress is the best mattress we have ever had.

4,5 Stars


The best mattress

Sue Davies, Macclesfield Cheshire

I bought a Bruno mattress approximately six months ago, I suffer from scoliosis and have a lot of pain in my back. It gives me the support I need to have a pain free night, I highly recommend Bruno mattresses.

5 Stars


Sleep like a Queen

Frances Wallis

The mattress is an excellent option if you wish to renew your old one. Very different from any other I have had, in a good way.

5 Stars


Bruno saves a back

Rachel Legge

As a 56 year old with an arthritic back I have finally bee able to lie on my back at night time. This is thanks to the Bruno. I have always had pocket sprung mattresses believing these are best for a bad back. I have also always believed that memory foam mattresses made you hot. Well, you are never too old to live an learn. The Bruno supports me beautifully with no pressure areas and I do not overheat. The difference in comfort compared to my old mattress is immeasurable. Obviously this is a particular to me and my back. I have a pinched spinal column between the 4th and 5th vertebrae. Lying on my back is normally impossible but with this mattress I can and that means I can read my kindle lying back (head supported with memory foam pillow) and this is so much nicer than lying on my side. I have only had the matress for about a month so long term satisfaction is yet to be judged. So far I am a big fan.

5 Stars


Love it

Bernd Kremp

Bruno is the right mattress for me. Great support. Love the 'floating' feeling. And like sleeping on it. No smell when we unpacked it.

5 Stars


Awesome mattress!

Hen Robinson, Aviemore

Was really reticent to spend so much on a mattress, but after finding the previous one uncomfy after just two years, we decided it might be worth splashing out a bit more. On recommendation from a friend we invested in a Bruno mattress, and nearly 4 months later we couldn't be happier with our choice! I was nervous it might be too hot, having had a foam topper in the past that was noticeably hotter than the mattress, but it's fine - the latex layer makes a huge difference. The mattress arrived quickly too, and without a vast amount of extra postage charge, which we normally have to put up with, living in the Scottish Highlands. Really pleased overall, a comfy mattress and good customer service.

5 Stars


Great nights sleep!

David Simm, Drummore

my wife and i both find our new mattress extremely comfortable,firm and has given us both a much better nights sleep.

5 Stars


A great choice mattress

Anita Ratcliffe

This is a really good mattress - offers good support and is comfy too - I love it!

5 Stars


Can't fault it!

Iain, London

I did a lot of research into the perfect mattress. I like a firm bed (a really firm bed) and I am a hot sleeper. The mattress is the perfect firmness--not too hard, but hard enough-- and keeps me cool. The quality, service and delivery are all A+. I have recommended Bruno to friends. I really can't fault it... and I like to fault everything. Please bring out a pillow! Buy one. You really won't regret it.

5 Stars


best nights sleep


This mattress is firm but feels like you are sleeping on a cloud.Back and hip pain totally disappeared.The unzipable top layer for washing is brilliant

4 Stars


Fine new mattresses at a moderate price.

Matt Hodges

We bought two Bruno Mattresses to replace our very expensive Tempur mattresses that we didn't like. Partly because we are elderly we found changing position on the old memory foam mattresses difficult particularly for my wife who has had hip operations. The Bruno mattresses are much better for us. They are also more comfortable than some posture sprung mattresses in our spare room. While we still have some difficulties they are the best we have found.

4 Stars


Perfect for me but not my wife

Andrew Hutchison

I'm loving the new mattress, my bones don't ache in the morning any more, I sleep so much better. My wife, who sleeps longer on it than I do, says its not quite as good as the old mattress for her. She now gets some aches, saying its not soft enough to cushion her properly. We are on holiday at present, I'm missing the Bruno experience, but my wife is content with mattress here in the apartment. So, not a totally qualified success because everyone is different and needs different things. I like the firmness of the mattress, supportive and with just enough give to cushion me lying on my side. Impressed with the quality and speed of service, a king-size is a heavy item to move into place and unpack, but no issues with foam fumes, ready to use just a few hours later. It would have been 5* if it could have suited my wife as much as it does me.


Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback. We're delighted to hear you love the Bruno, but it doesn't sound like quite such a success for your wife! We do have an extra-cushy mattress topper available that might help her... do you want to pop us an email at and we will give you a little more information?

Best wishes,
Your Bruno Sleep Team

4,5 Stars


Super comfy matress


My son loved the bear chocolates and card. He finds the mattress very comfy but particularly in hot weather he does find it quite warm so this is worth considering. It is more durable than a sprung mattress though. Thank you Bruno!

5 Stars


Soooo Comfortable!

Nessa, West Kilbride

Took away aches and pains that I did not realise where caused by my previous bed.