EU King 160 x 200 cm


160x200 Matelas Schlafen auf Matratze Bruno Detailaufnahme Bruno Detailaufnahme

A quilted and removable cover, naturally hypoallergenic and air-permeable latex top layer, 7-zone ergonomic support base made from high density polyurethane foam.
Size: EU King 160 x 200 cm | Height: 9.5 inches (24 cm)
Made in Germany

£ 725 160 x 200 cm
Prices incl. VAT
Free delivery within UK

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A comfortable choice for a medium sized bedroom

The 160 x 200 cm bed is the EU standard king bed size. This is a great size for two sleepers as it gives more comfort and room to stretch out than the UK standard king size mattress. There is also a good amount of extra room for children to sleepover comfortably. If you have children and pets wanting to share Bruno with you, maybe you should consider the 180x200 cm mattress.

Bruno Offers the Ultimate Sleeping Experience

Whether sleeping alone or as a pair, the Bruno 160 x 200 sized mattresses provide a continuous core of support. The ergonomic 7-zone support base in the Bruno Mattress is designed to provide pressure relieving support no matter where or who sleeps on the mattress.

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Delivery of the 160x200 Mattress

The Bruno Mattress size 160x200 cm is carefully rolled and vacuum packed before being delivered to your door in a box. Delivery within the United Kingdom is free of charge. The dimensions of the box are 167x44x44cm and weighs 42kg.

The Bruno King Mattress EU costs £725.

Kompakte Box für Matratze

Beds, Bases and Bedframes for EU Kingsize Mattresses

As this is the EU standard king bed size, and not the UK standard bed size, a bedframe in this size might be more difficult to find with a UK retailer. However, retailers often offer a range of different sizes including EU and UK size bedframes so you should be aware of your required measurements. The Bruno Mattress is designed to work well with the majority of bed base types. Therefore, a slatted bed base will work just as well as a box spring bed or even by just laying the 160 x 200 size mattress directly on the floor; the support within the mattress is designed to work effectively no matter the surface it is placed on.


5 Stars
21.04.17 Review from Eileen Brencher
great mattress

Both my husband and I find this mattress very comfortable. I would definitely buy another Bruno mattress.

5 Stars
20.04.17 Review from Sue Litchfield
Very comfortable

I found it comfortable right from the start, my husband took a couple of days to get used to it

5 Stars
20.04.17 Review from Dave, Coventry
Definite improvement

Was initially sceptical about foam mattresses but was assured by a young friend that it was the future, and I should check them out.

So decided to take the plunge and did significant research on line and tried some in-store as well as abroad in hotels.

My main concern was sufficient firmness and support, as I prefer a very firm mattress.
My other concern was the possibility of being too w...