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Where To Find The Best Camping Spots In Europe

Ahhhhhhhhh summer! Ice cream, sunbathing, and the perfect time to plan a Europe getaway!

Feeling stuck on where to go and what to do? We’re giving a big nudge in the direction of a camping trip.

Why? Well, for one thing, recent research shows that all that fresh air and getting in touch with nature can significantly improve your quality of sleep. This is something we can definitely get on board with!

As if that’s not enough reason to dig out your tent and torch, we’ve uncovered some of the best camping spots in Europe to kick your holiday planning into gear. From beaches to mountains, from glamping to wild camping: we guarantee there’s something here to make sure everyone’s a happy camper.


If you like beaches…

… go camping at Mala Milna

As far as beach holidays go, it’s hard to beat Croatia’s crystal blue waters. If you need a break from your island hopping around the Adriatic Sea, pitch your tent at Mala Milna.

Quietly nestled between two pebble beaches, this family-run campsite promises seaside seclusion with panoramic views.


If you like mountains…

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… go camping at Petit Praz

At just short of 2000 metres up in the Swiss Alps, Petit Praz in La Monta claims to be Europe’s highest campsite. These awe-inspiring alpines offer something for everyone, with lakes for swimming, picturesque forest walks, and cafes with cold beer and ice cream.

And of course, for those seeking more of a vertical challenge, the mountain climbing here is second-to-none!


If you like lakes….

camping Norway

… go camping at Unkervatnet

Norway is known for its breathtaking landscape, though perhaps less thought of as a camping destination. The warmer summer temperatures, however, present the perfect opportunity to explore Scandinavia’s less navigated terrain.

You’ll find this stunning lake in the remote middle region of Norway. There are two campsites on the eastern and northern shores. Anyone who loves outdoor living will feel at home here joining the locals in swimming, rafting, fishing and bathing.


If you like forests….

the black forest

… go camping at Müllerwiese

Picture a grassy stretch alongside a babbling river and acres of forest just feet from your tent.

Welcome to Müllerwiese!

The owners of this family-friendly site have been hosting campers for almost 50 years. Located in the nature reserve of the northern Black Forest, and on the edge of the quaint village of Enzklösterle, there is plenty here to keep parents and kids busy for days.


If you like luxury…


… go glamping in a Yurt

Roughing it isn’t for everyone, so a pair of London ex-pats seized upon the glorious backdrop of the Serra da Estrela in Portugal to set up their unique eco-retreat.

The glampsite is complete with two yurts and a bell tent. Glampers can enjoy modern toilet and showering facilities, and luxury furnishings such as brass-knobbed beds and bronze lamps. Daily breakfast is served with fresh olives and figs from the onsite organic garden. To further treat your taste buds, there’s a busy farmers market in the nearby village every Thursday morning.

If you think ‘tents’ and ‘decadence’ should be synonymous, this is the camping experience for you.


If you like hiking…

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… go camping at Kokopelli

Kokopelli Camping is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, tucked away in the region of Abruzzo.

Simplicity and solitude is key here, with space for just 40 tents, no electrical hook-ups and a converted barn space serving as a communal cooking and dining area. The prize attraction of this camping destination is the 500kms of hiking trails in nearby Majella National Park.


If you like getting off the beaten track…


… go camping on the Buna River

Half Island River Camp is located on the edge of the Buna River in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The grounds are simple, but there is plenty to explore in the surrounding nature, not to mention the many historical sites in nearby Buna, Blagaj and Mostar.


If you like the wild…

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… go camping around Dartmoor

Not interested in crowds and caravan parks? Then give wild camping a try: essentially, pitching your tent anywhere that is a “non-campsite environment.”

OK, we should point out that the legality of this concept is somewhat iffy here in the UK. But Dartmoor offers a bit of a loophole. Authorities are relatively easy-going, and camping is permitted anywhere on the moor.

That said, there are some common courtesies wild campers should always observe:

  • Take a small group (less than 10 people)
  • Don’t stay more than 2 nights
  • Pitch your tent at least 100m from the road
  • Make sure you’re not on somebody’s farm or property
  • Clean up all your rubbish before you go


If you like it all…

Les Criques des Porteils

… go camping at Les Criques des Porteils

Baguettes or bocadillos?

Sangria or Sauvignon Blanc?

Why choose when you can have both!

This scenic campsite is situated in a south-west pocket of France which used to be part of Catalonia. With beach views, rolling hills, 5-star facilities and the perfect hybrid of French and Spanish good-living, Les Criques des Porteils is worth checking out for the ultimate all-in-one camping experience.


Where’s your favourite camping destination?

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