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These Hypnotic Videos Will Help You Sleep

We usually recommend you don’t expose yourself to blue light or have screentime before bed, but if you can’t relax in front of an aquarium, the occasional exception can be made…

Combining soporific sounds, hypnotic images and slow storytelling, here is a round up of soothing videos that are sure to lull you off to sleep.

1. Cutting up kinetic sand

Need I say more.

2. A babbling Irish Brook

When visual artist Johnnie Lawson posted this lovely film of a babbling waterfall on YouTube a few years ago, he probably didn’t expect it to become such a bedtime sensation. Watched by over 8 million people from Cardiff to Cape Town, the 8 hour video provides a breath of fresh air for even the most metropolitan insomniac.

3. Peer Window – a film for cats

If you’re a fan of David Tennant, you may want to bed down with your moggy to enjoy this betime story. Soothingly narrated in the Scot’s dulcet tones and accompanied by low level purring, you’ll drift off before your cat does!

4. Hypnotic pottery

Let your mind get lost as you’re hypnotised by this magical spinning pottery wheel.

5. Guided Meditation in the clouds

If you’re struggling to sleep, guided meditation can be very helpful. Let youself drift through the clouds while the soothing voiceover talks your through various breathing and relaxation exercises.

So next time you’ve got a bout of insomnia, turn down your screen’s backlight a tad and let YouTube lull you off to sleep.

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