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7 Relaxing Hobbies To Soothe You To Sleep

Whether it’s something creative, social, active, or just plain fun, we all have our favourite hobbies to help us switch off and unwind. But could your pastime also benefit your bedtime? We’ve put together a list of the best relaxing hobbies to soothe you to sleep.

1. Keeping a journal

keep a journal to organise thoughts and unwind before bed

It’s a familiar experience – lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, anxiously running through tomorrow’s to-do-list. Writing a journal just before bed helps you reflect on your feelings and calmly organise your thoughts. Then, with your internal chatter switched off, you can peacefully drift off to sleep…

2. Gardening

gardening can reduce stress

Green thumbs rejoice – studies have found that gardening lowers the stress hormone cortisol and improves general wellbeing. A day digging in the dirt is not only physically and mentally rewarding, it’s one of the most relaxing hobbies you can have to guarantee a better night’s sleep.

3. Hiking

hiking can improve sleep

Have you ever noticed how easily you fall asleep after a long day out hiking? Exercise and connection with nature significantly reduces stress and anxiety, fighting away any negative thoughts that keeping you awake at night.

4. Listening to Music

listening to music can relieve stress

Music strongly impacts your mood and energy levels – just think about how much your favourite tune lifts your spirits and makes you feel great! To soothe your body and mind to sleep, pick “easy listening” songs with a slow rhythm (60 to 80 bpm). Or, find ready-made playlists with the best bedtime beats on Spotify.

5. Knitting

knitting is still popular

Let be honest, knitting will never go out of fashion! This crafty pastime requires concentration and repetition which has a similar effect to meditation, lulling you to a calm and sleepy state before bed. So if you’re looking for new relaxing hobbies to fill your evening, maybe it’s time to dig out Nana’s knitting needles!

6. Reading

make reading part of your bedtime routine to fight insomnia

Escape daily stress and frazzled thoughts by getting lost in your favourite book. If insomnia is troubling you, make reading part of your regular bedtime routine to help fall asleep more easily.

7. Painting

painting and drawing can help you relax

Creative hobbies, such as painting or drawing, can do wonders to relieve built up stress and tension. Try unwinding in the evening with some meditative painting – take a minute to reflect on your thoughts, then freely paint what you feel with no set intention.


What are your favourite relaxing hobbies to do before bedtime?

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